1990’s Music Quiz

What do you know about music from the Nineties? Just for fun, let’s play the 1990’s Music Quiz and test your knowledge!

In which band did Crowded House frontman Neil Finn play first?

Club Nouveau scored a hit with Lean on Me, by whom is the original?

What is the name of Radiohead's lead singer?

Which sixties band had a temporary comeback with the single 'Free as a Bird'?

What is the name of Sheryl Crow's debut Album?

From which album was Oasis' hit single Don't Look Back in Anger taken?

From which country does Shania Twain come from?

Which member of the Foo Fighters was the drummer of Nirvana?

Who is the main songwriter and frontman of the Counting Crows?

In which band played Annie Lennox, before going solo in the 1990's?