Classic Rock Quiz

What do you know about Classic Rock? Just for fun, let’s test your knowledge!

Where did The Rolling Stones play their first gig ever?

What is the second best-selling rock band in the United States?

Who was the original lead guitarist of Pink Floyd?

What was the name of Queen's predecessor, with the band members Brian May and Roger Taylor?

What was a big hit by Fleetwood Mac, before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band?

In which city did The Doors singer Jim Morrison die and be buried in 1971?

Who was the first singer of the British band Black Sabbath?

What is the origin of the band’s name Deep Purple?

What is the name of the debut album by The Police?

Who plays lead guitar on the Beatles track While My Guitar Gently Weeps?

Although the name is thought up by American radio stations, Classic Rock is now considered as a separate genre within pop music. Classic Rock songs are generally performed by white male acts from either the United States or the United Kingdom, have a four-four time and were composed by the musicians themselves. Also characteristic is the group as the creative unit, with a charismatic lead singer playing a key role, and the guitar as the primary instrument.