British Invasion Music Quiz

Starting with The Beatles, rock and pop music acts from the United Kingdom became extremely popular in the United States in the mid-sixties. This so-called British Invasion had also a big impact on other aspects of the American culture, such as fashion, tv and film, and was significant to rising “counterculture” in both Europe and the United States.

Just for fun, test your knowledge and let’s see what you know about the music of the British Invasion.

At which TV program did The Beatles perform in America for the first time?

Which song was The Rolling Stones’s first US number one hit?

By which two brothers was the London-based band The Kinks formed ?

Herman’s Hermits had a big hit with No Milk Today. Of which seventies band was the writer of the song, Graham Gouldman, one of the leading members?

Who wrote Marianne Faithfull’s hit single As Tears Go By?

The Animals’ 1964 hit single The House of the Rising Sun is actually a very old song, which origins may date back to even the 16th century. In which year was a first version recorded, called Rising Sun Blues?

Under which name is Mary Isobel O'Brien better known?

The band’s co-founder Graham Nash left The Hollies to start a new group with two American musicians? Which two?

The Byrds was an American band heavily influenced by the British Invasion sound. Who wrote their hit single Mr. Tamborine Man?

Who was the first and legendary drummer of The Who?