The History of the Winter Olympics Quiz

Next week the Olympic Winter Games will start in the South Korean city of PyeongChang. The sports event will be held from 9-25 Feb. Are you a fan of the Olympic Winter Games? Let’s test your knowledge and see if you’re an olympic expert!

Who is considered to be the founder of the modern Olympic Games?

When and were the first Winter Games been held?

When was figure skating first contested at the Olympic Games?

Initially, the Winter Games were held in the same year as the Summer Games. At which Winter Games was that no longer the case for the first time?

Who is the all time most succesfull male athlete at the Winter Olympics?

Who is the all time most succesfull female athlete at the Winter Olympics?

Which two cities have organized the Winter Games twice?

Bobsleigh has been featured at every Olympics since the Summer Games in 1920, with one exception. Why wasn’t a bobsleigh competition organized at the 1960 games in Squaw Valley?

Which country was caught on large scale doping use during the Games of Sochi 2014 and therefore disqualified for the next games in Pyeongchang

Including Pyeongchang, how many Winter Games have been held?